How Will Babcock Handle the Leafs Goalies?

With Mike Babcock now at the helm of the Maple Leafs how do you think he will handle the goalie situation?  It’s our feeling Babcock will start with Jon Bernier and will work James Reimer in as best he can for the start.  It’ll be up to Bernier to keep a good pace of stopping the puck and getting the wins.  But don’t rule out a goalie change!

Why?  Reimer is just as capable a goalie as Bernier and if one goalie is hot then it makes sense to keep him playing while the team is on a streak.  It’s not to say bench the guy if he loses but if he’s getting the 2 points consistently then it make sense to keep that goalie in the nets.

Both goalies are capable of handling long stretches of games.  But the other question is “what happens if one is playing so well the other sits for a long stretch of games?”

Ideally you’ll want to keep both in games.  There aren’t many Jonathan Quick’s out there who can command 70+ games a year so you’re likely to see both get ice time no matter who’s riding a hot hand.

Look for Babcock to handle his goalies quite well.  The average fan may not like it or understand the reasoning but he’s here to win and he’s going to handle his players the most effective way possible!

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The Maple Leafs Goalies