Top 5 Goalie Equipment Stores

We heard you guys loved our list of Top 5 Men’s Leagues so we thought why not share our thoughts on the Top 5 Goalie Equipment shops.  It’s a list we put together with our own deep thoughts.  It’s nothing personal, it’s what we came up with so if you didn’t make the list then let us know!

5. Goalie Heaven / THR – These guys have been around a long time and they know their stuff!  In fact, they opened their doors as THR back in 1981 and Goalie Heaven in 2002 in order to really cater to us nutcases.  Their knowledge runs deep so check them out!

4. Just Hockey – I personally remember walking into the flagship Don Mills store as a kid on the day this place opened.  Not only does this place keep evolving to stay up with today’s standards in gear but they recently opened a goalies-only area with gear lining the walls.  If you can’t find something you like in here then you’re playing the wrong position.

3. Pro Hockey Life – Ya ya, here’s the thing, this place is huge and the walls are lined with so much gear ya gotta wonder if you can sell it all!  Every dressing room I’ve walked into someone mentions something they just bought here.  And with a massive selection of goalie gear you’ll find something that fits your game.

2. Don Simmons – This iconic goalie joint is near Niagara Falls and has a ton of Simmons branded gear.  This is the stuff you get when you wanna save a few bucks but not lose out on well-made gear.  The staff knows their gear and they’ll help you get into the right stuff.

1.  The Goalie Crease – If you haven’t been to this wonderland of goalie gear then there’s something wrong with ya!  These guys have The Goalie Crease Spec gear – gear with their personal touches from the brands you love to wear.  The staff knows goalies and they are goalies!