The Culture At MyPuck

What Is Our Culture?

We breathe professionalism in what we do.  That means showing up on time for our games and being a positive influence on and off the ice.  It also means a love for the game and the urge to be out on the ice as much as possible.  We have our fun and camaraderie and support each other.  It’s about stepping up and stepping on the ice.  It’s about sharing our love for the game and the position.  We defend our goal with passion.

Our Goalies

It’s amazing to see how many of our goalies are still with us after all of these years in business.  Many have been with us for 5+ years.  The newer goalies are learning about what it’s like being a MyPuck goalie and what that means in the community.  They come from different backgrounds and experiences but they all play because they love the game.

Did you know?

MyPuck’s first client was a group of Starbucks account managers!

Our Teams

Our culture spills over to the teams we play with.  In fact we have over 40 regular teams we play with every week (on top of the countless non-regular teams that call on us).  The reason teams keep calling us every week is we provide goalies who are dedicated to what they do!

A lot of our goalies are also requested and that’s a big coup for us!  It means our MyPuck goalies are doing some great things on and off the ice and that makes us really happy!

In The Industry

Needless to say we’ve worked hard to build a reputation in the industry and we work hard to maintain that reputation.  Teams and leagues know that our goalies are great ambassadors of the game.

Why Culture Is Important To Us

We don’t show up just to make sure an empty net is filled.  We love what we do and we love showing that off.  We hope that all rent a goalies want to play with us and all teams want to book with us.  That’s why we work to build the best culture possible!

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