Is There Anything Wrong With The Maple Leafs Goalies?

It feels like a trend in Toronto (and sometimes across Canada) to blame the Maple Leafs playoff woes on the lack of quality goaltending.  It’s hard for people who are not goalies to understand goalies when they simply see stats and pucks being picked out of the back of the nets.  The truth is the Maple Leafs goalie duo is actually very competent.

In 2014-15 we yet again found the Leafs on the outside looking in to the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  But do we blame the goalies for this?  Sure, why not.  They likely played a role in some losses, they likely played a role in some wins!  But I’ll be you their stats were but one of the reasons they weren’t a lot worse off than they could have been.

Take save percentage for example.  Both James Reimer and Jonathan Bernier stopped over 90% of the shots they faced.  Ninety percent!  Let’s take a deeper look:  Reimer had a .907% and Bernier .912%.  Meaning on average they stopped 91 out of every 100 shots they faced.  Think about how many times they were left to fend for themselves and they still stopped more than 9 out of every 10 shots.

Goals against average is a number that, based on the discussions I’ve had over the years with coaches, teammates, fans, the GAA tells the true story and value of a goalie.  And it seems now if you don’t sport a GAA under 2.00 that you must not be all that good!  Remember Grant Fuhr?  How about his 3.38 lifetime GAA?  He’s pretty decent I’d say!

I personally say the Leafs goalies are doing just fine.  What do you think?

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