Emergency Goalie Rental

Need an EMERGENCY rent a goalie less than 2 hours before puck drop?

Yes! We can help! 

  1. Text 416-953-1669 for instant access. 
  2. Indicate rink, time, your name, team name and game or shinny (please specify level).
  3. You will receive confirmation of sent text.
  4. Goalie will be confirmed in a few minutes.

Rates for Emergency goalie rental:
Before 11pm – $60
After 11pm – $65
Add $15 per each additional 30 minutes of play

*Once your goalie rental is confirmed we have a NO cancellation policy in effect*

All skates booked 2 hours or less to puck drop will incur the ‘Emergency’ fee.  We do this as we understand that time is an issue and making sure we can re-route a goalie is possible.