Why MyPuck Always Has Goalies To Go!

Ever wonder why MyPuck has so many goalies to go?  It’s simple, it’s because we’re the largest rent a goalie service in Canada!

But I’ve been asked the question many times over, in various ways, “how do you do it?”.  The answer, while simple is, we get the most games and goalies love to have that offering.

The deeper answer is this: our goalies are amazing.  These guys work hard on and off the ice, they provide a great service and teams have come to love and respect the job we do.  That starts 2 trickle effects – 1) more goalies hear about this and want to join and 2) more teams hear about this and want our services.

That’s meant we fill more game requests than any other service out there and by getting all those games we need more goalies to fill those empty nets!

So if you’ve ever wondered how we get so many goalies to go, well, that’s the answer I’ll give you.  If you want to see this work for your team just give us a call at (416) 953-1669 or fill out our simple online form!

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