What To Know When Using a Goalie Rental

With nearly 30 years of goalie experience and 7+ years of running my own goalie rental service I thought it would be a good chance for me to share with you my thoughts on what you’ll want to know when renting a goalie.  Since the processes can be different whether you’re renting from a service or from an independent goalie you’ll still want to make sure you cover off the following items:

  1. However you decide to connect with that goalie or service (text, phone, email) make sure you get a confirmation that they’ve received your communication.
  2. Ask if the goalie or service has goalies that play your level and your area.  An independent goalie may not be willing to travel across the city for a skate.
  3. Are you giving the goalie or service enough lead time to fill a skate?  Keep in mind goalies have regular jobs and fight traffic like everyone else.  If you’re going to call a bunch of services it’s best to clarify that with each service.
  4. Make sure to have the goalies name and give the goalie or service your team name so they know where to look on the arena dressing room board.
  5. In order to avoid confusion the team rep/captain should identify themselves as soon as they can.
  6. It’s usually the best option to pay the goalie before the skate.
  7. A good goalie or service will confirm your booking and the goalies name so you know what’s happening.
  8. Since services do the legwork in helping to get the game it’s proper etiquette not to ask the goalie for his direct contact info for future games.
  9. Tipping a goalie isn’t required.  If you feel the goalie really did a great job and you’d like to tip him that’s great but don’t feel obligated.
  10. Your rent a goalie is still part of your team or group.  It’s not ok to treat him like a target and try to injure him.

I hope that you find this info useful when you’re renting a goalie.  While all services and independent goalies may do thing slightly differently the basics should apply across the board.

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