What Makes MyPuck The Better Choice?

When your goalie calls you up 2 hours to game time and says “I can’t make it” right away you go into panic mode. You need a goalie and you need one fast. You figure you’d better contact a goalie rental service and pay for a guy to come out and play. You do a search on Google and you go through some of the services websites, you see some Paid ads and everyone seemingly says the same things! How can this be?

The reality is not every service is the same. It’s easy to say you’re the number 1 service, but what methods are you using to prove it? You can say you’re the fastest, the most goalies, the … well, you can say anything without actual proof.

So how does MyPuck stand out among the crowd?

  1. We’re open and honest – when we get a call for a goalie we always tell the team we don’t have a goalie lined up yet, we just need to set you up.  This way we’re not faking the team by making them believe they’re covered just in case we CAN’T provide a goalie.  It can give teams a bad experience if we don’t come through.
  2. We’re with you every step of the way – you can call us right up to the point your goalie walks in the dressing room door.  It’s important that you’re able to keep in touch with the whereabouts of your goalie so you can be assured he’s showing up.
  3. We actually rank #1 for a lot of different search terms – in fact we rank for just about any variation of what we do.  We can tell you we rank #1 and prove it!
  4. Customer Service is our top priority – Ya, easy one to say but it’s important that teams get the best experience with us right from the start.  Our goalies are also ambassadors of MyPuck and hockey.  That means they are positive team players on the ice and in the dressing room.
  5. MyPuck actually sends the right goalie for your skate – that’s a biggie for us.  You can’t just send anyone to any game.  Again, the wrong goalie gives teams a bad experience.  That’s another reason why we never say we’ve got a goalie right off the bat.

So there you have it.  Why we’re different.  We work hard to be the best we can be.  If our teams are happy with us, with our goalies, then that’s what counts.  Experience the difference we make and try us out when you need a goalie for your next skate.

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