Warming Up The Goalie

It has often been said that a Goalie is not in the game until he has made the first save.

This is true even in the warm up period. Some goalies have a ritual of how many saves they want to make before skating out of the net, some goaltender just want to get a good feel for the puck,

A ritual is nice if you are playing for the same team for a number of years, the players get to know the goalies and where they like to have the puck shot in the warm ups.

A rental goaltender has it a little different;

A word to the wise for those of you that are curious about how to warm up a rental goaltender. A rental goaltender has a lot on his mind in the opening few minutes of a warm up, sometimes he is playing in an arena that he has never played in before and is checking his surroundings to gauge where his angles are in the net. Sometimes the ice is different and he is adjusting his skates to the surface.

The last thing that a goaltender wants to worry about is getting hurt in the warm up by one of his own players. I cant tell you the number of times that I have been dinged in the shoulder , hand, or groin by some hero who thinks because I am getting paid he can wind up and show the world how hard his shot is. Also please, guys, I’m sure you have great hands, but I am not going to pay attention to your Xbox moves when I’m trying to protect my goodies from the other dozen shooters trying to impress their girlfriends with their shots.

Not all  teams should be painted with the same brush, but most of you guys know there are a few loose canons in every squad, and whether they are doing this on purpose of just have no control it is a hazard to a goalie’s safety and possibly a forfeit of the game because the goalie is hurt.

Please try to keep the shots at the goalie, your ‘tender wants to catch a few shots feel the puck off his pads and then he will leave the net for you to bend and many posts as you want. Personally I like to take a few off the pads, one or two off the blocker and then end with a couple of glove saves.

As a final thought guys, why do you insist on warming me up with slap shots if your league does not allow them?

Something to ponder while you’re puttin’ on the foil!

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