Toronto’s Prestige Goalie Rental Service

Yes, quality is a must in the rent a goalie industry and we strive each game to make sure we provide just that!  That’s why we are known as Toronto’s Prestige Goalie Rental service.  We really set our service apart by providing goalies who pass the test and become a certified rent a goalie.  What does that actually mean you ask?  Others claim to have “certified” goalies too.  Here’s why:

  • all MyPuck goalies are actually real goalies
  • all of our goalies must play at least 3 games a month
  • all goalies are rated after each game
  • we also have a proprietary mix of other factors that make sure your goalie is the best in the biz!

Each year we see new services try to get in the game and make a lot of claims about who they are and what they’re doing.  With over 8 years of service to the industry we’ve worked hard to source out the most active goalies around meaning you get the best quality anywhere!

If your team needs a goalie then give us a call today!  We’re waiting and ready to provide you with a great rent a goalie at any time!

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