Toronto Goalie Finds Money on the Ice

Adult level hockey is happening all over the Greater Toronto Area, morning till night, 365 days a year. It’s a hard-pressed move to go to a rink these days and not find a group of men slapping a puck all over the ice. The most important position on the ice inevitably falls on the shoulders of the goalie. Of course he needs to be there to stop pucks. But more importantly he needs to be there!
Empty nets have long been a problem in men’s league hockey. Nobody likes to shoot on an empty net for an hour or more. Sure, it’s cool to hit the top corner with a slap shot breaking down the wing. But when you look up to find a gaping empty net the cool factor of that goal just went down the drain.
As a Toronto goalie I’ve found myself in the enviable position of being able to play hockey games for pay. I fill an empty net for the team, give them a solid game and in return I make a little coin to put in my pocket. It’s a nice kickback – gas for the car, dinner, cash towards new gear, etc.
Being a Toronto goalie also gives me a long list of games to play. There’s always hockey going on in the GTA. Early morning skates, lunch skates, late afternoon games all the way up to the late night red-eye games. It’s really up to the Toronto goalie to figure out his/her schedule and fit those games in.
Probably the best way to go about being a Toronto goalie for pay is to sign up with a goalie rental service. That way you can let the service work to find you games and you can sit back and wait for them to come in. If you’re looking for a great goalie rental service in Toronto then you can try MyPuck Goalie Rental or click to book a rent a goalie.

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