Rent a Goalie Etiquette – 3 Goalies Show Up

It’s happened before and it’ll happen again, a team books a goalie, all is good to go and when the goalie gets there he finds another goalie (or 2 already there).  How did this happen?  And what should the team do about it with the extra goalie?

This can happen for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes teams call multiple services and may not realize that they’ll all (or some) will send the goalie.  Sometimes there’s a fear that the rental goalie won’t show so you have “back up’s” in case.  Sometimes the booker doesn’t know another guy on the team also booked a goalie.  Often times the regular goalie (who was unreachable all week) suddenly decides to show.  These are usually the main reasons for the extra goalie showing up.

It’s not about pointing fingers, right now it’s about making sure the situation is taken care of.  Most goalie rental services ask the team to pay the goalie $20-25 to cover his gas and time.  This is generally regarded as the proper etiquette in the situation.  The goalie did make the trek as he was booked to play.  So, yes, paying the goalie is the right thing to do.

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