Real Rent a Goalie Not Quite Like The Show

The funny thing about the Rent-a-Goalie TV show was that goalies just sat around all day in bar waiting for a call to go play a game of hockey.  It was almost like the person who’s so in love with someone that they sit by the phone just waiting for it to ring.

The reality is most goalies do other things (sadly, there are a few that only do hockey, wait, that’s not so sad!).  They have jobs, school, family, other responsibilities.  It happens, it’s life, and that’s the way it goes.

Traditionally goalie rental services face the challenge of the last-second call for a team desperate for a goalie.  In most cases a good service can come through on very short notice (usually 30 minutes to game time).  Sadly we’ve actually had teams not only call us looking for a goalie in the next 5-10 minutes and they’ve actually requested (read: demanded) the best goalie on the roster.  The funny part is it’s a mid-level pick up game!

While most teams aren’t too demanding just keep in mind goalies don’t sit around waiting for a call, nor do we have the use of the Star Trek Teleporter!

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