Puck App vs MyPuck

We’ve seen this one out on the market for about a month now, the Puck App, and we’d like to share our thoughts on how this stacks up against MyPuck Goalie Rental.

Puck App – The Uber of Rent a Goalie

The background on this iPhone app is that you’ll be able to book your goalie via the app and instantly you’ll be notified of a goalie who’s willing to play the game for your team or shinny group.  The app can source out the highest rated goalies for your game thus matching you with the (closest to) perfect goalie for you.

The app works as an automated source to finding the right goalie for your skate.  You can then review and tip the goalie post game if you so choose.

The Pro’s:

  • Quickly enter your game info
  • Be automatically notified of a confirmed goalie booking
  • Post game review and tipping opportunity

The Con’s:

  • Only goalies with the best reviews get shown to teams
  • Lack of service support if your goalie is late or doesn’t show
  • Not sure what happens if there’s no perfect goalie available

MyPuck Goalie Rental

Has 10 years of rent a goalie experience as the leading company providing goalies for adult league hockey games.  Only goalies that meet the requirements are added to the roster thus ensuring as a first step that only the best goalies are on the roster.  Goalies are reviewing after each game from both the goalie and the team.

MyPuck also stays in contact with the team until the goalie arrives at the arena to ensure the goalie shows up on time.

The Pro’s:

  • Goalies are effectively matched based on skill, location, current reviews and availability
  • All bookings can be made online or by speaking to a game representative, 24/7
  • If a goalie cannot be booked thru the service they will source out another appropriate goalie via another service

The Con’s:

  • Goalies are paid in cash at the game or shinny skate
  • Teams can’t book a goalie via an app
  • Goalie roster is limited to who the company feels best represents the service, the game and themselves

As you can see while the Puck App does bring some quality items to the table it’s the MyPuck service that has perfected the way in which renting a goalie for a hockey game happens.

If you’re looking to rent a goalie please try us out anytime!