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We heard you guys loved our list of Top 5 Men’s Leagues so we thought why not share our thoughts on the Top 5 Goalie Equipment shops.  It’s a list we put together with our own deep thoughts.  It’s nothing personal, it’s what we came up with so if you […]

Top 5 Goalie Equipment Stores

It’s a great backup strategy for teams, and it’s an easy strategy to utilize.  The goalie shows up, you collect $5 from your teammates, and you avoid that forfeit which, in some leagues, means a nasty financial penalty to go along with the ding in your win-loss column.  In other words if your goalie can’t […]

The Mental Game A Rent-A-Goalie Plays

It warms my heart (cheesy???) when I get emails like the following that came to me this morning: I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on the two goalies supplied by My Puck for us yesterday at 4:30 PM at Canlans-Victoria Park. We were assigned Tom and Brian and we […]

Awesome MyPuck Review

This post is a shout out to our troops and one of ours goalies.  Recently, in Ottawa, Terry’s brother was awarded the Order of Military Merit for his outstanding service to our military and our country. He is a Master Warrant Officer with 8 Wing Trenton who has 32 years […]

Hockey and Our Troops

It’s a regular occurrence in men’s league hockey; your goalie can’t make it, no buddies with access to a goalie… so… you need to rent a goalie!  Renting a goalie for a skate is an easy enough process these days.  You can do a search for a goalie rental service […]

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