We’ve seen this one out on the market for about a month now, the Puck App, and we’d like to share our thoughts on how this stacks up against MyPuck Goalie Rental. Puck App – The Uber of Rent a Goalie The background on this iPhone app is that you’ll […]

Puck App vs MyPuck

What Is Our Culture? We breathe professionalism in what we do.  That means showing up on time for our games and being a positive influence on and off the ice.  It also means a love for the game and the urge to be out on the ice as much as […]

The Culture At MyPuck

Time to have a little fun!  Today we compare how a goalie is just like something else.  If you have any other “a goalie is just like” just add to the list! Here we go!  A goalie is just like… … a cat.  Fearless, quick reflexes, always (ahem) lands on […]

A Goalie Is Just Like…