Playoff Registered Goalies

It’s no secret that leagues are starting to crack down on the goalie rental industry.  Playoff registered goalies are now the norm.  Like anything else they don’t want “ringers” showing up during the playoffs giving a team a potentially unfair advantage in a player they never had before.  Thankfully as goalies we offer a slightly different circumstance being that there’s generally only one of us per team so a rent a goalie is sometimes the only “back up” a team might have.

It’s important to make sure when renting a goalie that you ask for a playoff registered goalie for your league.  In most cases it simply means that as long as a goalie has played 1 game (and is registered) in that league then he is deemed eligible for the playoffs.  The last thing you want is for a rent a goalie to show up only to find out he’s never played a game in that league and is therefore ineligible to play!  Try finding a goalie on that short notice now!

Unfortunately the independent goalie rental may tell you he’s registered only as a means to get a game.  It can be a major shock and disappointment to find out he cannot play.   As a team looking for a goalie for a playoff game is better off renting from a company as they have a large roster of goalies to choose from.  Make sure to ask the following questions:

  • is your goalie registered for my league and season?
  • is your goalie able to play my team’s level?
  • does he/has he played for any other teams in my league?

It’s a short list of questions but knowing these will save mounds of trouble at the rink.

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