Now That’s MyPuck Dedication!

I often get asked by new customers if their MyPuck goalie will show up, fearful that they may have booked a goalie who ultimately decides he’s got better things to do (ya, right!).  I’m proud to say that our goalies are not only dedicated to driving through rush hour, snowstorms and fighting to get to a last minute call.  It drive the pride up another notch when you get a story like below of one of our goalies leaving one game in almost full gear just to make sure he gets to the next one on time and ready to play!  Here’s his story:

When I got to the rink Jean said he had just sent you a message.  The arena guys were outside killing themselves laughing because I got out of my car in full equipment (minus helmet gloves and pads).  I had skate guards on and was tiptoeing across the parking lot.  I got through the doors and Jean was waiting for me, he was impressed that I was ready to go.  There was no game ahead of them so they were on the ice a little early, I was on ice at 11:09, before the Zamboni would have finished.  I passed a cop speed trapping just before I got to the arena, I had just reduced my speed from 100 to 80 (cause this is my hometown, I know where the cops sit).  I was shitting myself hoping it was dark enough that he would not notice a goaltender driving a Hyundai Sonata, not a Zamboni.  I would have a real tough time explaining to the officer why I was driving with skates on (unless he was a goalie himself).  Anyway, that was the last skate for Jean, I was there for the full time and he is a happy customer, thank you for the game, and we will see what comes up today.

So when you think you’ve heard it all it’s pretty cool to know the kind of dedication our guys have to the game they love and making sure a team is happy to have us out!

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