New Season Almost Here!

The 2012-2013 mens league hockey season is almost upon us but is your team ready to go?  Have you got enough guys to play?  More importantly, have you started collecting money to pay the dues for the season?  I guess just as important is do you have a goalie ready to go?

In my years of playing mens league hockey I can understand the team captain’s rough situation of putting together the roster, having quality guys that are great on and off the ice.  It’s important to be both competitive and have a good time.  It’s not always easy to have a full team of guys that pay on time, are great players AND they’re not douches!

There are tens of thousands of mens league players in the Greater Toronto Area so it’s a hope that you team will be a lot of fun for the season.  If you do end up with a douche or two maybe they’ll see their ways and correct them before they become an issue.

It’s also important to have a goalie who can commit to all the games for the year.  It’s the toughest spot since teams generally only have the one guy and scramble if he can’t make it.  I’ve been there many times as a rental and I’ve heard the horror stories about goalies that “commit” to the team then never show up and force the team to have to rent a goalie all the time.  While that’s good for the goalie rental business it does leave a bit of a sour taste in the mouths of the teammates since they have to eat that cost – and on a weekly basis.

It’s not too late to put together a solid team that’s ready to have a lot of fun this season.  If you’re all set to go then the next few weeks will breeze by and you’ll be on the ice ready for the first puck drop and a season of fun times on the ice.

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