Late Night Goalie Rental at Westwood Arena

Thanks to Steevens for sending this one through!

Just did a goalie rental @ Westwood arena and we got the good old rink 5!  Since it was 1.5 hrs skate, I made sure my water bottle was full but when I saw the guys in the dressing room (the average age was probably 50), I thought it was going to be a long night!  You know how you can get a sense of the level of hockey just by looking at the guys!  Well… I wasn’t too far off but I was pleasantly surprised!  The boys kept me pretty busy and played hard.  We ended up playing 2 games (the goalie switched ends after the first game) and the team that I was on won both games (not that I want to brag or anything J).  During the second game, one of them (Thomas I believe is his name) took a one timer on me and I must confess that I didn’t see a thing! That shot flew over my shoulder right on the top corner!  This goal gave them a second wind to try to come back but it was too little too late!  My sister came and watched the game and she commented on how this is how hockey should be played, a good bunch of friendly guy playing hard and having fun.   As I have learned after the game, these  guys have been playing  together for over 15 years and you can tell that they enjoy and respect each other.  No cheap shot, no name calling (besides the guy who called me son of a !@#@&*$  when I stopped his shot), just some good playing!  Thanks for a good night out boys!

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