“I Can Play Every Level”

I’ve heard this line so many times I should be asking for a nickel each time I hear it in the goalie rental industry!  I especially love reading the free want ads like Kijiji and Craigslist where independent goalies hawk their time letting it be known that they can play any level.  Let me break down the pro’s and con’s of a goalie rental ad such as this.


  • They probably offer a cheaper rate


  • Unfortunately unreliable
  • They never seem to mention a name
  • All too often they say something like they played during college (this could mean intramural)
  • Higher level goalies will specifically say that’s the level they play and will play
  • Pay what you get.  Cheap rates mean…

While there’s always a diamond in the rough out there, an indie goalie who says he plays specific levels and areas because he knows the costs associated with travel and gaining repeat clients.  Goalies with an actual background in hockey are proud of this and will state the actual level (and sometimes teams) they played.  Yes, it would be cool to have an actual ex-pro or OHL goalie play with you.  Sadly the goalies who stake claims on every level, every area, every type of game are nothing more than a red flag.  Can he get across the city in rush hour?  He says he’s played hockey for years but there’s no proof.

At the end of the day you’re paying for a service.  If you’re looking for just anyone then sure, it can work, if he shows up.  If you want quality, great customer service, a guarantee your goalie will show up AND plays your level then you may want to consider using a service like MyPuck.

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