How to spot a shady goalie rental service

The rent a goalie industry isn’t a big one but it is a very competitive one!  A shady goalie rental service can ruin an enjoyable night out with the guys.  Come through for a team and they’ll keep renting you as needed.  The down side is there are a few shady “services” out there who say and do anything just to try to get a client.  We’ll list out the top 5 things you’ll want to know in order to check if it’s a shady goalie rental service:

  1. Do they make outrageous claims that don’t make common sense?
  2. Are they quick to bad-mouth others?
  3. Do they tell you one goalies name and then switch it later on?
  4. Are they short-tempered on the phone?
  5. Do they get upset at you if you need to cancel?

If you feel as though you’re getting an odd feeling from these questions then that service may ultimately be shady.  A reputable service is the right call every time.

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