How To Become More Flexible And Play Better

It is a lot more fun to play when you can make big saves and don’t need to worrying about injuries. The purpose of this article is to help you to become more flexible and that way make playing more fun. After all, every goalie wants to make big saves.

Stretching Will Help You To Increase:


For the best possible results flexibility training should be started at early childhood. After a goalie hits the puberty it becomes harder to gain the maximum flexibility if stretching has not been part of training. However don’t become discouraged even if you are 40. You can still do splits even it may seems impossible at the moment.

Combination of dynamic and statistic stretching exercises will give you the best results. To avoid micro tears in the muscles you should warm up the muscles first before doing maximum length stretches.

Increase Muscle Mass And Strength

Stretching should be included in your workouts always because it indirectly helps you gain muscle size and strength. Stretching gives you a greater range of motion. When you lift with a larger range of motion more muscle fibers are required and training is more effective. Your muscles won’t get as sore and you can train hard again sooner.

Stretching For Speed And Agility

How do you think NHL goalies make those explosive split saves and sprinters run 100 meters under 10 seconds if they weren’t flexible? Stretching affects everything from speed, strength and coordination. When muscles are warmed up and flexible you are able to use the tire length of the muscles and get more speed and power out of them.

Stretching In Daily Life

Stretching helps you in sports and daily life. People who are stiff tend to develop joint pain later in life and aren’t able to function as well as flexible people. The reason for most headaches, back pains and sore muscles are due to stiff muscles and lack of stretching.

Is Stretching That Important?

Yes, it is. Why would you live, play and train using only 95% of you capacity? Stretching is one of those little things that makes a big difference between athletes and great athletes. Personally, I hate being inflexible. I can really tell a difference in my game performance when I’m warmed-up and flexible. That feel of explosiveness and quickness doesn’t come by itself, I have to make it and stretching is a necessary part of it.

Things To Remember About Stretching

-Warm-up muscles to prepare for maximum stretch

-Proper stretching posture: helps to target the stretch

-Focus on the muscle you are stretching

-Sports specific stretching: different sports have specific requirements

-Depending on the exercise will determine the length of the stretch

-Stretch daily for optimum flexibility

-Use a wide selection of stretches for the best results

Length of Stretch

Length of a stretch depends on the activity and the effect that is wanted.

Sample flexibility exercise:

When you want to be able to do splits, here is a sample stretching exercise you can do for legs to increase the range.

– 2-5 repetitions per muscle

– Total amount of repetitions in the exercise 15-25

– Intensity 85 – 100%

– Length of the stretch 60 – 180 seconds

More Tips

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