Goalie rental at 6am? Never too early!

Getting a goalie rental for a 6am Tuesday morning skate might sound like a rough time but for the goalies on the MyPuck roster it’s business as usual.  I’d like to say I love the dedication of the guys and gals on our roster who take on skates that other goalies normally wouldn’t bat an eye at.

Early morning weekday skates are a staple of the adult hockey world.  Player’s use it as a time for exercise, comradery, and of course the excitement of a good game of hockey.  It’s not an easy puck drop time and when you’re in need of a goalie, the rent a goalie route is the one to go in.

Our goalies thrive on taking any types of games that come in and a big thanks goes out to the entire roster for getting up early and making their way to these types of skates.

If you need to book a goalie for an early morning skate then call on MyPuck Goalie Rental to get the job done and get you a quality goalie.

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