Goalie Feature – Terry


My name is Terry Holland I work at Clarke Transport as a billing supervisor (I watch people type).

I am one of those goaltenders that would always play the extra games because the next team did not have a goaltender.  I hate seeing an empty net and I hate playing against the shirt.

I have been a goaltender from the age of 5 (I am now 48) I am the youngest of three brothers, so it always fell to me to be the goalie. Most Canadians are familiar with playing road hockey, well, we played on a dirt road with me against the garage door trying to stop the tennis ball and avoiding all the rocks that came with it.

I have been with MyPuck.com for about 3 months and have been having a blast, I love to go into all of these different arenas and play against different opponents. Playing as a rental goaltender is great because the wife is no longer upset when I take the extra games, and it’s hard for opponents to figure out my weak spots when the rarely see me more than twice.


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