Goalie Feature – Ari










Throughout my years in the GTHL I always thought of the goaltending position as a game within a game.  Although I always was taught that speed, agility, and technique is the backbone of a high quality ice hockey goaltender, experience has also taught me that mental toughness plays a major role in the development process.  The combination of skills challenged me to become improve both on and off the ice.  However, like many of us, it eventually became evident that I wouldn’t make a living out of hockey. So after competing at the AA and A level for 9 seasons, I took a small step back from hockey to focus on my second passion in life, radio broadcasting. After attending Ryerson University and working part-time at a radio station in Toronto, I began working full-time as a morning show producer and early morning traffic announcer at the same company. Now, with MyPuck I’m able to continue playing the game I love, while meeting some awesome guys in the process.

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