Clean Your Gear This Spring

Let’s be honest, we don’t think about hockey equipment cleaning during the season.  It isn’t like skate sharpening where we might get them done weekly.  In fact, for some of us, hockey equipment cleaning is unzipping the hockey bag.  We’re hoping a little bit of air makes its way in there and wipes out that nasty smell.

The truth is its not simply a good thing to get your gear cleaned its actually a sanitary thing too!  Most hockey cleaner products are probably only going to solve the problem short-term.  I know the skeptics exist on anything so I’m just going to throw out 2 options:

How To Get A Hockey Equipment Cleaning

1) Regular old wash – ya, throw your gear in the washing machine (make sure it fits and is ok to do so!) or put it in the tub.  Wash it out, rinse it out… then since it’s so nice out these days just lay it out on your deck, backyard or even the lawn outside an arena!  Do what you can to not only get the small out but you’ll also do wonders with killing the bacteria that’s been using your gear like it’s Florida for March break.

2) Get your gear professionally cleaned – this usually involves systems that may use infrared technology to kill the bacteria and lay claim to safer, healthier gear.  Did you know that nasty smell is actually coming from the bacteria?  So a good clean will get rid of most of that smell.

So there you have it.  That’s how you get a hockey equipment cleaning.  You and the guy sitting next to you will certainly appreciate it!  More than that everyone that’s near you will appreciate you doing this!  So get it done every spring at the very least.

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