Boston Marathon Donation

Sadly it has become a more frequent event on this side of the ocean that terrorist actions occur.  Brought to the light since the beginning of 2013 has been a long list of violence that has rocked people in both Canada and the US.  Many people have come forward with comments on these tragedies, on what can and should be done, on theories, on the accused, on the victims and anything else that can be connected to these events.  We also know and understand no amount of money can replace loss.

However, as realists we also understand that things cost money and as best we can we need to come together to help those in need in this type of situation.  The MyPuck family and clients have come together over the course of one week to raise $545 to  We know this is only a small donation to the efforts however we feel it is needed.

I would personally like to thank the goalies and our clients for taking the time to donate towards this cause.

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