A busy day for a goalie rental!

It was a busy October 6th for me!  The day at work was busy, in meetings, on the phone with clients, simple running at a fast pace from 9am to 5pm.  But sure, that’s nothing too crazy, I mean, let’s face it, others do the same thing day in and day out!  The down side to this day was missing out on the Leafs season opener at the bar with some co-workers.  (Side note: nice to see the Leafs pull off a 2-0 win!).

It was a bit of a special but busy day for me.  I had a 7:15pm game with my usual Thursday team.  However, it was me and 3 teammates so we had to borrow 3 more guys and we still won!  Great job by the guys on that win.  I had more on my mind.  I had a goalie rental skate at 11pm and I wanted to pick up my newly painted mask before that skate.  Oh ya, I had to wear a mask I got in 1996 for the 7:15pm game.  I can’t believe it’s that old now but it was a fabulous paint job that really spoke about the future of mask painting (I’ll try to add a photo in a while).

So here’s the thing.  I end up going from Scarborough Ice Sports to Mississauga to pick up my fresh mask.  I hightail it back to Rinx for my 11pm game as a goalie rental.  I get there in time but by now I’ve barely eaten anything all day, getting tired and it’s cold in the rink.  That didn’t stop me from getting a shutout in a 2-0 victory!

Is there a moral to this goalie rental story? Probably not.  It was just a bit of a wild ride on a long day logging lot’s of miles having lots of fun.  I guess it earned me a well-deserved Thanksgiving meal!

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