3 Reasons Why MyPuck Doesn’t Develop An App

We’ve been around for 10 years now and we’ve been at the forefront of technology in the rent a goalie industry.  We saw a hole in the industry and knew we could do something about it that makes the experience that much better!

Our game-changers in the industry:

  1. We are the first and only company to use Live Chat on our site.  We did this because we realized you may be stuck at work and not able to use your phone.  But you could easily talk to us online at anytime!
  2. BBM!  Yes, we know it’s kind of obsolete now but years ago this was one of the biggest things in the corporate world and by having access to this we maintained quality relationships with he many company skates we played in.
  3. Digital marketing was a key one for us as well.  We didn’t want to bombard teams with business cards in the dressing room so we took to the Internet to make sure we have great visibility when the time is right.

That brings us to the 2015/16 season and we’ve seen lots of competitors come and go.  Many try to make a mark in the industry but they likely don’t realize just how difficult and time-consuming this venture happens to be!  Every year we look into new opportunities to keep ourselves ahead of the pack: Social Media, Outdoor advertising, apps, etc.  Apps!  Ya, we thought about this one too a few years ago.

Why MyPuck doesn’t feel an app is the way to go (at least not yet):

  1. Our goalies are dedicated to our service and we have goalies confirmed in the industry-fastest 1 minute 57 seconds.  Our process for finding great goalies has been practiced and perfected.
  2. We know that automated goalie matching like apps may provide don’t tell the whole story of a goalies abilities.  In fact, we know if a goalie is on a great run and an old review may not provide the best take on his abilities.
  3. Cash transactions are still king for most teams!  It’s the way it works in the dressing room – everyone chips in a few bucks to pay for the goalie.  In the cases where credit cards are needed we also provide that service pain free for our customers.

The end result is, after nearly 25,000 games, it takes some manual effort to ensure teams get the best goalies for their games.  We do this because we care about our work.